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The US State Law page provide links to U.S. State Law and Government, Uniform Laws Adopted or Proposed by States, and Associations Dealing With State and Municipal Governments.

The U.S. State Law and Government section provides information about U.S. State Law and Government, uniform laws adopted or proposed by State, and associations dealing with state and municipal governments. You will find a State Resource Center for each of the 50 United States and Washington D.C. which provide information about the state's government, namely their executive, legislative and judicial branches.

Many Statewide Offices exist in most of the states, such as Governor, Attorney General, State Treasurer, and Secretary of State. Other offices, such as Lt. Governor, State Comptroller, State Auditor, and Land Commissioner are only present in some of the states. Likewise, there are equivalent executive branch offices in many states, such as Department of Agriculture, Department of Tourism, Department of Education, Department of Corrections, Department of Emergency Management, Department of Labor, Department of Transportation, Department of Social Services and several more.

There are many executive branch offices that exist in some states and not others, such as Department of Lottery, Department of Aging, Department of Minority Business, Department of Banking/Finance, Department of Natural Resources and various other offices. This is due to the many disparities between the states, their individual state laws, and the resources that each state has deemed requires government oversight. This is also true of each state's diverse boards and commissions.

The Uniform Laws Adopted or Proposed by States section provides information and links to sites dealing with laws that are promulgated throughout the states in a uniform, consistent manner. The areas these laws cover include sales and commerce, business and finance, probate law, rules of evidence for both civil and criminal courts, and family law.

The Associations Dealing With State and Municipal Governments section provides links to national and international associations that work with states throughout the U.S. (and in some instances, other countries) to educate, inform, advance and promote various areas or services vital to state, federal and international government. These areas include transportation; community planning and development; state, local, and county government; the arts; archive and records management; finance and budgeting; agriculture; small communities, towns, townships, and rural areas; courts of law; state legislature; housing authorities; technology; air pollution; technology-based economic development; government administrative and office support services; and western governors.

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Uniform Laws Adopted or Proposed by States

Associations Dealing With State and Municipal Governments