Understanding Financial Products 2013

 January 7, 2013 - January 8, 2013

CLE - Life Seminar


The explosion of new financial products over the past decade, the implosion of the credit markets and the resulting significant new regulatory requirements underline the importance of a basic understanding of financial products. While these instruments have been, in the view of many, invaluable investment tools, and have presented enormous potential for product manufacturers and investors, they also create potentially significant legal risks and challenges for their promoters, users, legal counsel and regulators. This seminar is designed as a hands-on learning tool to explain the fundamentals that you need to know when dealing with the more common financial investment products in the marketplace today.
  • Learn how mutual funds and similar products are structured and distributed
  • Explore how hedge funds and other private funds are structured and operated following the controversial JOBS Act and in light of government enforcement agencies’ efforts surrounding them
  • Evaluate universal life insurance, variable insurance products, guarantees and life settlements
  • Discuss flow-through entities, including BDCs and similar vehicles
  • Gain an understanding of the effects of the credit crisis on securitized products
  • Analyze the mortgage market since the financial crisis, including the role of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the FHA, and the emergence of covered bonds as a financial product
  • Gain insight into the use of swaps, collars, options, futures and forwards to hedge portfolio positions
Special Feature

Earn one full hour of Ethics credit exploring special responsibilities of counsel: delivery of legal opinions, responses to auditors, attorney reporting requirements and more.

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