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  • - The United States Department of Justice -

    Forms Directory

  • Alabama Administrative Office of Court

    Appellate Forms, Attorney Fee Declarations, Child Support Forms, Civil Forms, Court Administration, Criminal Forms, Do It Yourself Forms, Finance Forms, Human Resources, Juvenile Forms, Limited Scope Representation, Local County Forms, Motion Cover Sheet, Municipal Forms, Oaths of Office Forms, Probate Forms, Professional Services Fee Declarations, Sample Criminal Forms, Small Claims, Traffic Forms

  • Alaska Court System

    Administration, Appeals, Children's Proceedings, Civil, Criminal, Domestic Relations, Domestic Violence, Family Law, Guardianship/Conservatorship, Jury, Mediation, Mental Commitment, Probate, Small Claims, Stalking or Sexual Assault, Traffic, Trial Court, Vital Statistics

  • Arizona Judicial Branch - Self Service Forms

    Minor Abortion Without Parental Consent, Garnishment, Appeals, Name Change, Civil, Personal Information Redaction, Emancipation of a Minor, Probate, Eviction Action, Pro Hac Vice, Family Law, Protective Orders, Fee Waiver and Deferral, Small Claims, Historically Significant Case

  • Arkansas Judiciary
  • California Courts - The Judicial Branch of California
  • Colorado Judicial Branch

    Adoption, Appeals, County Civil, Criminal, Penal, District Civil, Domestic/Family, Filing Fees, Juvenile, Miscellaneous, Paternity, Probate, Protection Orders, Small Claims, Water

  • Connecticut Official Court Webforms

    Administrative Forms , Civil Forms, Individual Civil Forms, Criminal Forms, Family Forms, Grievance Forms, Housing Forms, Juvenile Forms, Probate Forms, Small Claims Forms, Supreme/Appellate Forms, Victim Services Forms

  • Delaware State Court - Forms

    Alternative Dispute Resolution, Appeals, Bail Bonds, Change Your Name, Custody, Divorce, Expedited Relief, Expungement of Criminal Records, Garagekeeper's Liens, General Civil Lawsuits, Guardianship, Judgments, Landlord/ Tenant, Licenses and Registrations, Paternity/Genetic Testing, Protection From Abuse, Real Estate (Land) Issues, Support, Traffic, Visitation, Wills and Estates, Workplace Issues

  • District of Columbia Courts - Public Section

    The Public section of our website is designed to assist you in getting answers to your questions on important legal matters and court processes. Find information on how you can file a case, settle an estate, have your criminal record sealed, represent yourself, and more. Start by clicking on the type of case you are inquiring about on the left hand side of this page, or use the Public menu to find a topic that is applicable to you.

  • Florida - The Eight Judicial Circuit

    Circuit Crimina, Civil Traffic, County Criminal, Family Court, Small Claims

  • Florida Ninth Judicial Circuit Court

    Civil Magistrate Court Forms, Civil - Complex Litigation Forms, Criminal Court Forms, Dispute Resolution Forms, Emergency Injunction Forms, Family Court Forms, Family Ties, Judicial Assisistant Manual Application Form, Probate, Probate-Guardian Advocate

  • Florida State Courts - Family Law Forms

    Temporary/Concurrent Custody, Special Cases, Domestic, Repeat, Sexual and Dating Violence, Adoption, Name Change, Paternity, Parenting Coordinator, Judgments and Orders

  • Georgia Administrative Office of the Courts

    Superior Court Forms, Juvenile Court Forms, Probate Court Forms, Magistrate Court Forms, Inmate/Habeas Forms, Domestic Violence/Protective Order Forms, Statewide Domestic Relations Forms

  • Hawaii - Forms Central

    As a community service, the State of Hawaii is making an effort to bring as many forms as possible to the public. However, due to the special nature of some forms, their publication is not feasible.

  • Idaho Judicial Branch - Court Assistance Office

    A listing of each state-wide court approved individual form created and maintained by the Court Assistance Office.

  • Illinois - Secnd Judicial Circuit Court

    Online Forms

  • Indiana Judiciary Branch - Forms and Court Rules

    Court Forms for Attorneys and Court Forms for Self-Represented Litigants

  • Indiana State Online Services provides citizens and employees of the State of Indiana a common access point to State forms. Managed by the Indiana Commission on Public Records, the Catalog contains electronic versions of relevant and current forms, allowing citizens to more easily conduct business with the State of Indiana.

  • Iowa Judicial Branch - Court Rules and Forms

    Confidential Information Forms, Pro Hac Vice Forms, Civil Procedure Forms, Family Law Forms, Small Claims Forms, Probate Forms, Juvenile Forms, Hospitalization for Mental Illness Forms, Commitment: Substance-Related Disorder Forms

  • Kansas - The 4th Judicial District Court Forms
  • Kansas - U.S. District Court

    Attorney Forms; General, Civil Forms; CJA Forms; Court Appointed/Self Representation Forms; Criminal Forms; Employment Forms; Fees/Reimbursement Forms; Prisoner Forms

  • Kansas Judicial Branch

    The Judicial Council has the statutory authority to prescribe many of the forms used in legal proceedings.

  • Kentucky Court of Justice - Legal Forms

    These forms are made available to the public and to the bar by the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC)

  • Louisiana Supreme Court

    Rules of the Louisiana Supreme Court

  • Maine Judicial Branch - Court Forms

    Business and Consumer Docket (BCD) Forms; Protection from Abuse (PA); Civil Forms; Protective Custody (PC); Criminal Forms; Small Claims; Family Matters; Forms for Appeals; Foreclosure Diversion Program (FDP); Money Judgment (MJ); Forms for Appeals

  • Maryland Judiciary - Court Forms

    Civil, criminal, domestic violence/peace and protective orders, law enforcement, general

  • Massachusetts Court System

    Office of Court Interpreter Services Forms; Trial Court Department Forms; Affidavit of Indigency and Related Forms

  • Massachusetts Court System - Self Help

    Boston Municipal Court Department; District Court Department; District Court Department; Probate and Family Court Department

  • Michigan State Court Administrative Office Approved Court Forms

    Abortion Waiver; Adoption; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Appeals; Bankruptcy: Case Evaluation; Civil; Claim and Delivery; Criminal, Domestic Relations; Emancipation; Estates and Trusts; Foreign Translations; Forfeiture; Garnishment; Guardian and Conservator; Infectious Disease; Juvenile; Landlord-Tenant and Land Contract; Mental Health; Mortgage Foreclosure; Motor Vehicle Offenses; Name Change; Personal Protection; Probate; Safe Delivery of Newborn; Sex Offender Registration Small Claims; Substance Abuse Treatment; Young Adult Foster Care

  • Minnesota Judicial Branch - Court Forms

    The Minnesota Judicial Branch publishes these state-approved court forms free of charge as a public service. Categories: Adoption; Appeals; Bankruptcy; Child Custody / Parenting Time; Child Protection; Child Support; Civil; Commitment; Conceal and Carry; Conciliation / Small Claims Court; Confidential Information; Contempt of Court; Criminal; Criminal Expungement; Divorce / Dissolution; Domestic Abuse; Family; Fee Waiver / In Forma Pauperis; Forfeiture and Impoundment; Guardianship / Conservatorship; Harassment Housing / Landlord-Tenant; Judgment Enforcement; Juvenile Delinquency; Motor Vehicles; Name Change; Parental Notification; Paternity; Probate; Protective Orders; Service of Process; Spousal Support; Subpoena;

  • Missouri Court Forms

    Adult Abuse Forms; Child Protection Forms; Child Support Forms; Civil Forms; Criminal Forms; Family Access Forms; General Forms; Probate Forms; Small Claims Forms; Tax Offset Forms

  • Montana State Law Library

    Adoption; Annulment; Appeals; Attorney Complaints; Bankruptcy; Business Forms; Child Custody; Child Support; City Court; Civil Court Forms; Collecting a Judgment; Common Law Marriage; Conservatorship; Criminal Jury Instructions; Discovery...

  • Nebraska Online Legal Self-Help Center

    Appeals; Court Records; Estates; Families & Children; Financial/Medical; General Trial Court; Guardians & Conservators; Name Change; Protection from Abuse; Small Claims; Workers' Compensation

  • Nevada Supreme Court - Self Help / Pro Se

    Domestic Violence Protection Order Forms; Family Division Forms; Guardianship--Standardized Forms; Landlord Tenant Forms - Apartments; Landlord Tenant Forms -Mobile Homes; Self Help/Pro Se Appellate Forms; Standardized Divorce Forms - Complaint for Divorce; Standardized Forms for Mandatory Use in Stalking and Harassment, Workplace Harassment and Harm to Minors

  • New Hampshire Judicial Branch - Self-Help Center

    Supreme Court Appeals, Divorce, Domestic Relations information & forms; Juvenile Abuse and Neglect; Adoption; Estates; Guardianships

  • New Jersey Judiciary - Forms for Attorneys

    Civil Division; Criminal Division; Family Division; Municipal; Interstate Child Support; NJ Child Support; Tax Court; Appellate Division

  • New Jersey Judiciary - Self-Help Resource Center

    Civil Division; Criminal Division; Family Division; Municipal; Interstate Child Support; NJ Child Support; Probation Services; Tax Court; Appellate Division; Supreme Court; Legal Practice Forms

  • New Mexico Supreme Court Legal Forms

    District Court Forms: Civil, Criminal, Domestic Relations, Domestic Violence Magistrate Court Forms: Civil, Criminal Metropolitan Court Forms: Civil, Criminal Municipal Court Probate Court

  • New York State Unified Court System

    Family Court; Domestic Violence; Surrogate's Court; Divorce Forms; Criminal Forms

  • North Carolina Court System

    Administrative; Civil; Court of Appeals; Criminal; Estate; Juvenile; Mediated Settlement / DRC; Small Claims; Special Proceedings; Waivers

  • North Dakota Supreme Court - Forms for Self Represented Parties

    Appeal Forms; Child Support; Child Visitation; Continuance Request; Guardianship and Conservatorship Reports; Informal Probate; Petition for Disorderly Conduct; Restraining Order; Petition for Protective Relief; Simple Divorce Forms; Small Claims Court Forms; Waiver of Court Fees Forms

  • Ohio State Forms

    State and Local Forms; State Agency Forms; Boards and Commissions Forms

  • Ohio Supreme Court Services
  • Oklahoma State Courts Network

    Supreme Court and Court of Civil Appeals; Court of Criminal Appeals; Administrative Office of the Courts; Oklahoma Secretary of State; District Courts of Oklahoma; District Courts of Oklahoma Cover Sheets; Child Support; Workers' Compensation; Juvenile Courts

  • Oregon Judicial Department

    Forms for Individual Circuit Courts and Statewide Forms

  • Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System

    On this site are widely used forms including forms for filing civil complaints, private criminal complaints and notices of settlement when cases are privately resolved.

  • Rhode Island Judiciary Forms

    Supreme Court; Superior Court; Family Court; District Court; Workers' Compensation Court; Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal

  • South Carolina Judicial Department

    Appellate; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Common Pleas; Family Court; General Sessions; Magistrate; Magistrate/Municipal; Municipal; Probate Court

  • South Dakota Unified Judicial System

    Adoption Reporting Form; Confidential Information Form; Confidential Financial Documents Info Form; Domestic Protection Order Forms; Mediation Application Form; Parenting Time Forms; Pro Se Divorce With Children Forms; Pro Se Divorce Without Children Forms; Pro Se Name Change Forms; Child Support Late Fee Forms; Stalking Protection Order Forms; Civil Filing Statements; Record Search Request Form;

  • Tennessee State Courts

    Appellate Court forms; Attorney Claim forms; Divorce Forms; Order of Protection; Mediation forms; Parenting Plan forms; Trial & General Sessions Court forms; Juvenile Court forms;

  • Texas Courts - Publications, Forms and Online Information
  • Texas Law Help

    Do-It-Yourself Forms.

  • Utah State Forms

    Adoption; Appeals; Child Custody; Child Support; Child Welfare; Civil - General; Conservatorship; Criminal; Custody Evaluation;...

  • Vermont Judiciary Forms

    Court Forms; Civil Division Forms; Criminal Division Forms; Environmental Forms; Family Division Forms; Judicial Bureau Forms; Law Enforcement Forms; Probate Forms; Supreme Forms

  • Virginia Judicial System

    Supreme Court of Virginia; Court of Appeals; General District Court; Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court; Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission Complaint Form; Mediation; Parent Education Self Evaluation

  • Washington State Court Forms

    Ending the Marriage; Third-Party Custody; Child Support; Child Relocation; Juvenile Court Forms; Criminal Law;...

  • West Virginia Judiciary - Court Forms

    Family Court Forms; Magistrate Court Forms; Domestic Violence Forms; Personal Safety Forms; Infant Guardianship Forms; Mental Hygiene Forms; Fee Waiver Forms; Court Reporter Forms; West Virginia Judiciary Application for Employment

  • West Virginia Public Services

    Forms for Business and Licensing; Forms for Citizens; Forms for Government

  • Wisconsin Court System Forms

    Forms for civil, criminal, family, guardianship, juvenile, mental commitment, probate and small claims cases; Forms for grievances against lawyers and trust account forms

  • Wyoming Judicial Branch - Self-Help Center

    Family Law Pro Se Forms; Certified Substance Abuse Evaluations and Providers List; Civil Case Cover Sheet

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  • Real Estate Legal Forms
  • Washington Courts

    Forms that are used statewide in Washington Courts. This is not a complete list of all forms as your Court may require a non-statewide form to file a case, which are created and managed by the local Court.

  • Washlaw Legal Forms

    Legal form resource page with links to state business forms, state tax forms, state company formation forms, real estate forms, contract forms, will forms, Federal court forms, state court forms, legal forms, trademark forms, UCC forms, workers' compensation forms, department of labor law forms, and form databases such as Edgar, Findforms, ChooseLaw, HUD Forms, Lectric Law Library, and much more.

  • WhichDraft is a self-directed legal resource that allows users to build a variety of high quality contracts free of charge. Users build contracts by reviewing a series of simple questions. then provides sample contractual provisions. Users can also share contracts with others so that they can collaborate in building or negotiating the contracts.

  • Wisconsin State Law Library

    The Wisconsin State Law Library provides links to forms solely as a service to our users. Selecting, completing, filing, or using the forms found on linked external web sites is entirely the responsibility of users and their attorneys. The Library does not guarantee the accuracy, currency, or applicability of any form.

Legal Forms International

  • Canada Legal Forms

    LeanLegal is the first in Canada to provide a broad selection of downloadable self-help legal forms for individuals, families and small business. We also provide free legal tutorials, step-by-step instructions for completing the forms, and extensive legal resources which are designed to help Canadians understand the law and the legal system.

  • LLRX - Foreign and Transnational Legal Forms

    Mary Rumsey is the Foreign, Comparative & International Librarian at the University of Minnesota Law Library. Mary is also contributing author to the Electronic Information System for International Law (EISIL).