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  • Merger of Limited Liability Company - Indonesia
       Provided by Leks & Co

    Under Article 1 number 9 of Law Number 40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Company (?Company Law?) merger means a legal action which is taken by one or more companies to merge with another existing company with the result that the assets and the liabilities of the merging company is transferred by the law to the surviving company and thereafter the merging companies? status as legal entities is terminated by the law.

  • Bank?s Customer Identification Program and International Conventions
       Provided by Azimuddin Law Associates

    This paper seeks to discuss the hotly debated topic of customer identification program.

  • Debt Collection in Thailand: Getting Your Money Back
       Provided by G.A.M. Legal Alliance

    Recovering an unpaid debt in Thailand is often a tricky task that can be made more distasteful when the debtor, whether it is Thai or a foreigner, refuses to settle even after numerous attempts. Many expatriates and even companies, who do business in Thailand, have run into difficulties with debt recovery.

  • China Employment Law
       Provided by MMLC Group

    This article provides a summary of the most important laws in China governing the relationship between an employer and an employee. The discussions apply to wholly foreign-owned entities, local domestically owned entities, as well as the employment of foreigners and locals.

  • The Way for Foreign Investments Entering Pawn Industry in China
       Provided by Amaris Law

    In August 2012, the Ministry of Commerce of PRC (COFCOM) has issued the Regulatory Requirements on the Pawn Industry (draft) for collecting opinions from the public (?Requirements?). Such Requirements tighten the control on the regulations of Pawn Industry. However, in view of the rapid growth of such an industry in recent years, this article will discuss the chance, feasibility and way of foreign investments entering this industry and sharing its prosperity.

  • The Madrid International Trademark System and the Problem of Non-Registration
       Provided by Shanghai Promise Law Firm

    Rejection and non-registration of international trademarks using the Madrid system often go unnoticed for years resulting in crisis once enforcement action is sought. Careful scrutiny of the current status of such registrations is advisable to all international trademark holders.

  • China?s New Exit-Entry Administration Law
       Provided by UB & Co. Attorneys and Counselors

    On June 30th, 2012, the National People?s Congress Standing Committee of People?s Republic of China issued the new Exit-Entry Administration Law (hereinafter referred to as the ?New Law?) which is applicable to exit-entry of both Chinese nationals and foreign nationals and shall come into effect on July 1st, 2013.

  • Americans Require a Will While Living Abroad. Case of Thailand
       Provided by Cathy Tran Reck & Associates Ltd.

    Advancement of modern technology allow people to migrate effortlessly across borders in increasing numbers in this century. People live and work outside their home country, and some adapt to their adopted homes by having their families abroad. Expatriates have a unique myriad of concerns about their assets in their adopted country in the event of death. The inevitable question is: Do I need a will while I am living abroad?

  • The World Awaits - Samsung Versus Apple
       Provided by Reitz Worldwide, Hong Kong Court Reporters

    Without a doubt one of the biggest legal battles to take place this year is that between South Korean Samsung Electronics Co and Apple. The two lawsuits, one by Samsung against Apple and one by Apple against Samsung had been scheduled for Friday morning, but jaws dropped around Seoul Thursday afternoon when the court decided last-minute to postpone a verdict.

  • Love, Hate or Litigate Apple?s Ms ?Siri??
       Provided by Reitz Worldwide, Court Reporting -Taipei & Hsinchu, Taiwan

    Another day, another litigation over patenting laws. Introducing ?Siri:? Apple?s computer voice search-and-speak technology inside newer iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices. Those of us with IPhones will know the joys and blunders of this so called revolutionary talking app. Our personal ?Siri? experiences aside, the little voice of wisdom is already getting herself in trouble.

  • Key Features of the Engagement of Foreign Labor in the Republic of Kazakhstan
       Provided by Grata Law Firm

    Kazakhstan, like many other countries, has an established permit procedure for employing foreign workers. In this case, obtaining a permit for engagement of foreign workers is the responsibility of an employer. In practice employers frequently commit violations when engaging foreign workers owing to incomplete knowledge of the appropriate procedures.

  • Major Rewrite of Hong Kong Companies Legislation
       Provided by Angela Wang & Co.

    On 12 July 2012, the Hong Kong Legislative Council passed the much awaited new Companies Ordinance that substantially and comprehensively overhauls the old Ordinance. This is a significant milestone given that the last major reform of the Companies legislation was more than 2 decades ago.

  • You Need a Lawyer When Coming into China
       Provided by Shandong Ya & Tai Law Firm

    Now the world is becoming small, there are many people want to live in foreign countries, especially the developing countries, China, there are many opportunities in here, but the risks are exist at same time. So find a attorney before you go abroad. This is the true fact that I met during my attorney practice, for the secret of the person, I do not use the true name of the person.

  • Pre-Nuptial Agreement in the Philippines
       Provided by LMG Law Office

    Future spouses have the freedom to enter into an agreement with each other as to how their properties will be governed, and just like any other contracts, the stipulations thereto should not be void or contrary to law, morals or public policy. Pre-Nuptial contract is an agreement between future husband and wife insofar as the property relations that will govern their properties during the existence of their marriage.

  • Singapore Business Law - Checklist for a Distributor Agreement
       Provided by Chris Chua & Associates

    Business expansion comes in many different forms. One of the most common methods of used by the small businesses in Singapore to expand their business is to expand their distribution channels by the appointment of distributors. This Distributorship Agreement Checklist will ensure that you address all of the major issues in agreements with your appointed distributor.